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Juvias Place Saharan Blush Palette Vol 1

Juvias Place Saharan Blush Palette Vol 1


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Juvia’s Place Saharan Blush Palette Vol 1-The first edition was designed for medium to deep skin tones but all complexions can use it as an eyeshadow palette. I know I’m going to! Vol 1 has 4 silky mattes and 2 foiled shimmers. I know that based on my swatches, some of these will be hard to picture as blushes but keep in mind that I’m pretty darn fair. And the swatches are done with a shader brush not a blush brush.

ZARA is an ultra metallic amber bronze. The texture is rich and creamy and the pigmentation is insane.

NEO is a silky, deep brick red matte. Next time that I wear makeup, assuming that I ever wear makeup again, NEO is going all up in the crease of my eye

LILA is a satin finish, rosy copper

ZANE is a bright pinky magenta. Use caution with this one, the pigmentation is nuts!

TOBY is a light sunny orange with yellow undertones. And my new favorite transition color.

ABY is a deep eggplant with a creamy matte finish.