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Glysolid Glycerin Cream

Glysolid Glycerin Cream


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Glysolid Glycerin Cream

This is a highly effective skin softener. Its power lies behind the proven European formula, which combines allantoin with a high glycerin content.

Most skin care products contain a little glycerin. However, Glysolid® is unique in that it contains 50% glycerin. Here are just a few of the many benefits of glycerin.

• Excellent for Dry Skin: When glycerin is applied to the skin, it forms a light, protective film, sealing in the skin’s natural oils and moisture. Glycerin also attracts water, bringing additional moisture into the skin. This makes it very helpful in preventing and combating dry skin. Skin becomes noticeably softer, suppler, and more elastic.

• Makes Skin Look & Feel Healthier: By moisturizing your skin, glycerin improves the tone and health of your skin. Moisturized skin can also prevent the onset of unsightly skin features, such as wrinkles and stretch marks. Glycerin can therefore help to keep premature aging signs at bay.

• Helpful for Skin Disorders: Glycerin promotes normal skin cell maturation. With some skin diseases, such as psoriasis, skin cells shed too quickly, before they properly mature, causing thickened, scaly skin. Glycerin can interrupt this abnormal process, and allows the cells to reach full maturation before shedding. Glycerin can also soothe the dryness and itching related to eczema.

Another active ingredient of Glysolid® is allantoin, a natural, plant-derived cosmetic ingredient. Allantoin is a moisturizing, healing, anti-irritating, soothing, skin protectant that increases the water content of the skin. It is well tolerated by the skin and its proven benefits include:

• Helps soothe skin irritations,
• Softens and smooths the skin,
• Cares for cracked, raw and strained skin,
• Promotes the healing of small burns, wounds, nicks, and cuts,
• Promotes healthy cell renewal,
• Encourages skin to shed dead cells and grow new ones,
• Helps reduce free radical activity on the skin.

Glysolid® is unlike other skin care products – you’ll notice this the first time you try it. Most creams and lotions available today are thin and watery. They absorb quickly but in order to get any lasting benefit, you have to reapply them multiple times per day.

Glysolid® works differently. It is thick, smooth, and silky. When applied to the skin, Glysolid® adds a light protective film, locking in your skin’s natural oils and moisture. This protection lasts for hours, providing your skin with the soothing moisture to help repair even the driest skin.

Due to its unique formula, Glysolid® is especially effective on the toughest areas of your body: hands, elbows, feet, heels, and knees. Light creams and lotions are almost completely ineffective for these trouble spots. However, Glysolid® quickly restores the natural beauty and softness of your skin. With regular use, your skin remains soft, smooth, and healthy looking.

Glysolid® contains no mineral oils, parabens, petroleum, or cheap fillers. It also contains no skin irritants, such as perfumes, coloring, or preservatives. This makes Glysolid® compatible with all skin types, including sensitive skin.